Well how the hell are you? It’s obvious if you managed to find me, then you’ve already seen all of the internet, and this is the last place to look for whatever it is you’re looking for.  First things first, around here it goes like this; Harley riding, photo taking, Linux using, Android hacking, beer drinking, fun loving, former 82nd Airborne vet, and last but not least a 5th generation Texan.

Keeping this site and home brew server up and running and acting the way this obsessive, compulsive, wannabe’ Linux sysadmin wants it to, has been an enjoyable journey and sandbox to play and learn with. Of course the official answer is it’s supposed to be a spot to show off some photos, opine from time to time with opinions you may or may not agree with, but as we all know idle hands do the devil’s work, or something along those lines, so I’ll just blow everything up and start over whenever the mood hits.

“I am finding that the only thing I am certain of is the randomness of it all. Of the many, many ways life can be lived and the many, many ways life can turn and change in a second, without much consideration for what I have planned”

As far as being a 5th gen Texan it’s becoming somewhat of a novelty these days with everyone and their brother, legal and illegal, coming here to slurp up some of the milk and honey that’s incredibly abundant here in this great state. The problem with this however, is some of you aren’t coming to here to assimilate, but rather to try and change things so it’s just like the place you came from but you aren’t smart enough to realize that’s why you wanted to be here in the first place. For the most part, live and let live works well here, but if that’s not your intentions then here’s a gentle reminder, “Welcome to Texas, just don’t forget to go back home”.

Alright already, enough of this drivel. There are miles and miles of Texas to explore, people to meet and bridges to burn, no, not literally but you get the point. If you’re really lucky you just might see me out and about somewhere, like I said, if you’re lucky.

See you down the road!