Sacrificing myself so you don’t have to at Papadeaux

KO victuals 1 Comment

It just dawned on me that the title says it all. Not only am I being heroic by sacrifice but I can claim pseudo victim status because of that sacrifice. Looks like a win win from where I’m setting, “lol” I can’t figure out if the “lol” looks like the signal for a touchdown or someone going under at the beach, just a random thought.

First of all the Texas Red Fish and Buttered Crab started all of this, then the waiter had to bring the dessert cart out, much to my chagrin of course. Did I mention how good the the fish and crab were?

Back to the big sacrifice, Key Lime Pie, go ahead, pucker up and brace yourself, it’s sweet, tart, and delicious. You’ll have to take my word for it, unless of course you’re into self sacrifice for others 😉

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