Faces of Texas 1st world problems, photography, and whatnot…

Seeing dark shadows at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Decatur TX

Taking a motorcycle ride in Texas during the month of August requires a little planning, unless you just want to throw yourself in an oven on purpose. For me it’s early morning until lunch time or after seven in the evening. Noon to six can be downright miserable unless you’re a cold blooded soul who can stand the heat.

Yesterday morning was the best of both time slots for a little two wheel time. First up was a visit to the Euless main, old school barbershop. It’s about an hour round trip, just enough to get a little wind in your face first thing, and to take off any loose hair off on the way back.

Then about seven yesterday evening, a back road trip up to Wise County and the city of Decatur just to knock the dust off the camera and get a little more two wheel time, roughly a two hour round trip.

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Faces of Texas 1st world problems, photography, and whatnot…